How I started with Ghost? - A short note about Ghost platform

Personal Sep 1, 2020

Earlier this 2020, I decided to publish a few posts regarding our travel experiences. Initial idea was to publish posts in form of travel diaries. I decided to make them as detailed as possible so it can be used as memoir for our future selves, friends, and relative.

I had a previous experience with WordPress and I never wanted to go back to it. There is nothing wrong with it but WP needs too much attention to technical stuff and it was not possible for me to spare that much time.

I researched for a few weeks and found Ghost! The one thing that clicked was on-site SEO and content management in its simplest level. I purchased a paid plan and published some posts within a week.

Ghost is simple, lightning fast and opensource. I choose Ghost so that I do not need to think about safekeeping, tags management, slow themes, sitemaps, SEO and faster loading time. All (batteries) are included!



Yet another person on planet earth! Young enough to learn more, wise enough not to care, experienced enough to do it right and amateur enough to make new mistakes!

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