How to boost confidence as a female solo traveler?

Check out these tips while planning first solo trip. Things to consider for a female solo traveler - based on personal experiences.

How to boost confidence as a female solo traveler?

When a girl declares that she travel alone then she often receives one common comment - "You are so brave!" and it is a sad fact that a woman traveling alone faces more risk and danger than a man - even in her hometown!

Female travel has become an influential phenomenon over the past few decades with travel companies dedicated to woman-only clientele increasing each month. This trend is growing fast! Travel companies are witnessing a big uptick in interest from solo female travelers. Solo travel can be safe and fun if a female is taking the required precautions before entering an unsafe situation. So how a woman can travel alone with assurance and without worries? So here is the list of travel safety tips for women that will give you faith.

Research like a scientist

We all research the coolest beaches, restaurants, beautiful cities, but we should also check about "Are there certain taxi companies which we should avoid?" - these kinds of questions can save us from future miseries. If a destination is known for adventure sports and hiking then also check acceptance of universal travel insurance and hospitals. While selecting a hostel or hotel check about locations and check their review. If the reviews are in the same pattern then those could be self-generated 5-stars reviews! Also, research on public transport and how much safe it is to travel at night.

Start small and make it large

For someone new like me, it is better to start small before planning a bigger trip. For example, visit local cities before traveling solo to an international destination. It is a good idea to visit a place that is not too far from home,  has an optimum tourism infrastructure, or where the bulk of people speak a known language. Starting small will help calm our fears and will help in our decision-making process.

Learn how to pack smart

There a bulk of videos available about how to pack. If you are going for a short town walk then no need to keep all credit cards, passport and, much cash. Take what we need. For a day trip just take some cash, an extra top, and one credit card. Always move your bag to the front of your body in crowded spaces and never put your phone in your back pockets! Print copies of passport, visa, insurance to keep along, store scanned copies in Google drive, and also send copies to friends or parents. If the passport is lost or stolen then do contact the local consulate and file a police complaint.

National Memorial, Vítkov Hill, Prague

Fake it like a pro!

It is normal to be scared as a first-time solo traveler but all people start as a noob! Confidence is the solution. A lost, confused, or scared person can attract the wrong kind of attention. So, attempt to look confident, dress like a local, avoid casual contact, and be aware of the surroundings. It is better to have sunglasses! If ever feel uncomfortable, go with a gut feeling, and ask for help.

Blend in the local culture

Want to have the attention of pickpocket? Show up in a different approach than the local women! Avoid outfit which indicates a tourist. Dress up as local women often dress. Research about the destination in advance, observe how people apparel, and attempt to act like a local. That means to avoid souvenir t-shirts. It is better to cover arms, legs, and cleavage in Muslim countries, using loose clothing in India and wearing long pants in Europe and Latin America.

Spend some more to be safe

Yes, spend extra bucks for the protection. Sometimes it is better to take public transport than taking a cab for a long route. In case of night movement, ask the hotel staff about the best routes and if possible then ask them to book a taxi. If possible then book a hotel or hostel near the center rather than a cheaper, quiet residential or an isolated area.

Get an insurance

What is the real reason for not spending on travel insurance when we are now spending hundreds on a trip? Go get it. There is no reason for not having travel insurance because there are several companies that provide it online. It is required in case of lost luggage, accident, a natural disaster. In the case of such events travel insurance companies reimburse the expenses. Also, check travel insurance policies in-depth and make sure that it is covering the most common situation. I believe that one should not travel if travel insurance is not affordable for him or her.

Be connected

You should inform patents (and friends) about travel plans including flight number and accommodation while traveling alone. Yes, be aware while using social media and never share exact location with precise timing with unknown persons. While meeting with someone please choose a public place. Make sure to have a good data connection while going for a solo hike.

The most important to relish it. It is important to spend some time alone and explore. A solo trip is the best choice to explore yourself, to overcome your limitations, and to grow your experiences. Go for walk in the evening or early morning in local gardens or beaches, go to a cafe alone and have a coffee, go for some adventurous activities.

Solo traveling is not that dangerous, it's fun. I hope these tips will help you to stay safe and confident. If you ever need a boost, remember how numerous women are out there traveling alone! So, plan for a beautiful trip because the world is full of amazing places and wonderful people. Be a Queen!